Safety Management System (SMS)

The Copper Range Safety Management System is a fully-automated web-based system that originates, stores, and manages worker jobsite compliance data in real-time. Our SMS allows your organization to seamlessly interact with all owners, contractors, unions, and drug and safety testing companies online, securely and immediately. You own and control the data thus enabling your organization to shop for the most competitive price and best service for drug and safety testing. Test results appear online for use as soon as they are available -- no paperwork, no delay. The SMS is a cloud-based system that gives all relevant users access to their data 24/7/365.

  • Store all safety data in one place - Eliminate the noise with one system.
  • Control worker data - You own it, no reliance on outside vendors.
  • Cost reduction for drug and safety testing - Shop for best price and service.
  • Drug test authorizations - All online. No more paper COC forms.
  • Safety tests - All online. Connect to your choice of safety training vendor
  • Integration ready - Connect to a variety of databases and external testing services for seamless data transmission.
  • Worker status - Contractors, Unions, Owners, and MRO's can log in and review up-to-date worker statuses.
  • Detailed reports - Fully automated readiness reports by project, company, union, and trade.
  • Secure - Password protected, multiple levels of access to encrypted confidential data.
  • Revenue producing - Increase cash flow for your organization.
SMS Image

For more information about the Safety Management System (SMS), contact us at: or call 800.309.2060.