Firestop Information System (FIS)

Companies need to maintain a proactive approach to fire protection integrity in their facilities. The spread of flames and toxic fumes through openings created by utility penetrations and other breaches in fire-resistive walls can be dangerous and life-threatening. It is crucial to have properly installed firestops for these penetrations in the sectors like healthcare where compartmentation is critical.

Proper documentation is necessary to ensure that firestopping projects are complete, up-to-date, and accurate. Adopting an online barrier management program like the Firestop Information System (FIS) ensures that firestop deficiencies will be permanently and correctly fixed.

FIS provides the following:
  • Store All Types of Information - Import interactive floor plans, deficiency descriptions, UL system and repair notes, photos, and other documentation.
  • Better Quality Repairs - Request engineering judgments through the FIS to make sure the repair is suitable.
  • Easy Repair Estimates - Simple spreadsheets create estimates with ease.
  • Web-based system - Everything is stored online, and can be easily accessed from anywhere.
  • Off-line capability - Functionality available to continue documentation when internet cannot be reached.
  • Accountability - Various permissions allow Owners, Supervisors, Firestoppers, and other parties to access necessary information.
  • Prepare for Inspections - Ensure regulations are met by simply checking the online system.
  • Longevity - Online data storage ensures the information is not lost throughout the building's lifetime.
FIS image

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