About Us


When Copper Range was founded in 2001, its founders, Dr. Peter Kochevar and Randall Ray were searching for what the marketplace needed.
At that time they made two distinct observations:

  1. Cloud and cellular systems were in their infant stages
  2. Internet based business-to-business products were sorely lacking.
Both founders had experience in software and construction, so Copper Range was built on addressing this technology gap through solving problems in the construction industry. Thus, ProjectStore was born to eliminate the hassle of sharing essential paper-based documentation with all team members and to move business toward the Internet. Each subsequent product in our platform has been developed by finding solutions to problems that were solved by using Internet and cellular based technologies.

What's in a Name

The name Copper Range came about when both founders, born Michiganders, wanted to pay homage to their home state. Dr. Kochevar has family that mined copper ore in the upper peninsula of Michigan in a region nicknamed Copper Range Country, which was also home to the famous Copper Range Railroad (www.copperrange.org). Back in the day, railroads were the networks of connecting lines between people, and now this connection comes via the Internet. Our products harness the power of this instant connector, so what better way to give tribute to the original network?


Expand the Internet of Things (IoT) by creating cloud-based safety and authentication products to find solutions for problems our customers face by utilizing all available technologies at our disposal... and inventing technologies that are not available.


We will turn Copper Range into a world renowned company through guts, will, and determination. We won't do it alone, our customers will be part of the process, and supporting them will be just as important as our own corporate growth. We won't stop until every business, large or small, recognizes Copper Range by name as the market leader in cloud-based safety and authentication products. Period.