ProjectStore FAQ

What is ProjectStore?
ProjectStore is a Web-based system that provides electronic access to all the information required to build a project wherever and whenever needed. Drawings, 3D data sets, specifications, RFIs, submittals, etc. can all be stored and accessed by any authorized project participant using only a Web browser.

How can ProjectStore help my company and team?
ProjectStore makes it easy for you to efficiently manage your project information and help your team to better collaborate. By using ProjectStore, you and your company will be able to enhance productivity and reduce costs throughout all project phases. Proving a clear Return on Investment (ROI) is extremely important to Copper Range and our sales team can show you how ProjectStore can save you money.

How do I start using ProjectStore?
Getting started is easy. After your company has signed the ProjectStore Order Form, a Copper Range representative will "turn on" your account and issue Administrator rights to individuals you designate in your company. Administrators will then be able to create unlimited projects and invite any number of Colleagues to participate in them using any available Web browser.

How much do these services cost?
Copper Range offers tiered pricing plans that can benefit businesses of all sizes. In general, you control your monthly fee by how much storage space you utilize on our servers. Once a project is completed, you can remove its information thus reducing your monthly fee. Our Pricing Schedule has all the details.

How do I learn to use ProjectStore?
If you know how to use a Web browser then you can find your way around ProjectStore. Even so, face-to-face training is included for each pricing level and additional training and consulting can be purchased if necessary. Detailed Help pages are also on the Web.

Do I need to download software to run ProjectStore?
No, all that is required to run ProjectStore is a Web browser that is configured to accept cookies and implements the latest Web standards from the World Wide Web Consortium. Acceptable browsers include Internet Explorer version 5 or higher, Netscape 6, and Mozilla.

Why must I enable cookies in my Web browser to run ProjectStore?
ProjectStore uses cookies only to make your use of the system more efficient and NOT to track user movements on our Web site or to collect personal information. For more details about users' privacy while using ProjectStore please see the Copper Range Privacy Statement.

How do I access my projects through ProjectStore?
To access your ProjectStore projects, simply direct your Web browser to the ProjectStore Login page. Once logged in your projects will be listed for you and a mouse click lets you view or print any project file.

Can I view or mark up DWG or DGN files if I don't have AutoCAD or MicroStation?
Yes, by downloading Volo View or Volo View Express you can view, mark up, and print DWG, DWF, and DXF files from your desktop without having AutoCAD software. Similarly, you can view, mark up, and print DGN files by downloading AutoVue Professional. Go to our Downloads section to download free versions of Volo View Express and AutoVue.

How can I print files stored in ProjectStore?
You can print files to any local printer or plotter with just a mouse click. You can also have your files professionally printed by transmitting them to your reprographics company.

What about backup and security?
Copper Range employs all of the industry-standard backup and security measures to ensure that your information is never lost and is always available only to those who have legitimate access rights. Furthermore, all information passed between your computer and our site is encrypted.

What is ProjectStore Agreement?
A ProjectStore Agreement is a legally binding agreement that is maintained in electronic form as provided for by the United States Electric Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act, and the Uniform Electronic Transaction Act. A ProjectStore Agreement is signed online using a simple Web-based digital signature procedure. Once created a ProjectStore Agreement cannot be altered but it can be voided provided all parties who have signed it agree online to a void request.

Is archival storage available?
Yes, Administrators can archive projects that they oversee at any time with a few mouse clicks. Copper Range provides online access to documents in archival storage for as long as necessary thus obviating the need for companies to maintain their own completed project vaults. And, Copper Range archival storage is much cheaper than the regular ProjectStore storage charges.

Can I run the ProjectStore service in-house?
No, ProjectStore is exclusively a Web-based service hosted by Copper Range. ProjectStore is designed to make it easy for you to outsource the management of project information thus saving you time and money.

Where can I get additional information?
Send e-mail to or call 800.309.2060.