Companies need to document employee access to facilities for: Security · Payroll Management · Insurance Requirements · Safety · Time and Materials Contract Management · Invoice Matching.

Copper Range's patented wireless solution - CRScan - ensures comprehensive access management of any given site by providing:
  • Real-time Access Control - Accurately check a worker's credentials instantly against a database of information using cellular network connection.
  • Up-to-date Reporting - Various reports on attendance, compliance with drug test and safety programs, etc.
  • Easy Access Management - Control access with any device that connects to the internet, specify area access approvals, and any other rules requirements.
  • Save Time - This technology gives safety management personnel time to focus on active safety measures.
  • No IT Staff Needed - Tell us what you need, and the system will be setup so you can manage everything.
  • Instant Alerts - Get notification of suspicious attempts to enter your jobsite
  • Any Security Hardware - From key cards to single-person turnstiles to roadway lift arm gates, CRScan can provide the security you need.
CRScan Image

For more information about CRScan, contact us at: or call 800.309.2060.