Firestop Information System (FIS)

Companies need to maintain a proactive approach to fire protection integrity in their facilities. The spread of toxic fumes and flames through openings created by electrical, mechanical, or structural penetrations, joints, voids and other breaches in fire-resistive walls, floors or ceiling assemblies can result in the loss of lives and property. It is crucial to have correct and properly installed firestops for the safety of a building, especially in the complex world of healthcare where compartmentation is critical, and constantly evolving requirements make compliance a challenge. Proper documentation is necessary to ensure that firestopping projects are complete, up-to-date, and accurate. Adopting a barrier management program improves the process of requesting capital funding and ensures that firestop deficiencies will be permanently and correctly fixed.

FIS Image The FIS is a web-based data management system that manages firestop projects from beginning to end, replacing the manual, paper-based process of documentation. Users can import interactive floor plans and photos and generate reports that denote deficiencies, corrective measures, repair estimate spreadsheets, and other necessary repair documentation. The information can be shared and amended remotely, anywhere, anytime, and an off-line capability allows the FIS to be accessed regardless of internet connectivity.

FIS is a successful barrier management program that:

The FIS provides a simple and cost effective risk management system that gives owners a peace of mind knowing that their facility is safe, current, and compliant.

More information can be found in the FIS brochure (pdf) and the FIS Help and User Guide, which provides installation and system usage details.

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Firestop Information System by Copper Range