Digital Lien Service enables faster document routing and payments

Corporations budget millions of dollars for capital construction projects annually. But, most still rely on the manual routing and approval of payments with virtually no real-time visibility and accountability.

DLS Image To address this, Copper Range developed the Digital Lien Service (DLS), a patent-pending, enterprise-scale Web-based platform. The DLS aggregates and manages the complex traffic flow of documents and approvals that are standard in construction project invoicing. As a complement to the owner’s existing ERP application, the use of the DLS starts when the purchase order is issued and ends when the last invoice is certified as "okay to pay".

With all parties connected - owner, banker, contractor, subcontractors, engineers, material suppliers, and architects - the constant "back and forth" of processing schedules of value, purchase orders, invoices, in-term reviews, sign-offs, and lien releases is automatically executed and tracked in seconds thus shortening payment cycles, reducing liability, and ensuring that projects stay on schedule.

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